Brisbane Corso Residence - 2 Metre Diameter 50mm Thick Table Top.

by ambrosefurniture Admin on June 25, 2019

Definitely one of the more interesting jobs we've done in recent times. In 2016 Ambrose Furniture was commissioned to manufacture a dining table top that was 2 metres in diameter and at originally.. an undecided thickness. We ran the client through the thicknesses of timbers available, just the standard 20mm and 35mm thicknesses that we have on the showroom floor and it simply was not sufficient. Our client finally settled on 50mm thick and the attached media to this blog post is the result. The colouration was also carefully considered for the timber and I personally believe it to be a great match - especially as an outdoor item, paired with the washed out rustic wicker outdoor dining chairs.

Here is a picture of the render of the dining table compared to our standard 1800 x 1000 Kensington dining table (

The Kensington dining table itself is already fitted standard with a 35mm top, which is quite a weight in its own right. Elongating the table an extra 200mm in length, then doubling it in width and adding an extra 15mm of timber thickness to the whole table top as well as a 900mm diameter lazy susan (some dining tables we manufacture in have table tops 900mm in diameter alone) created a monster of a panel of timber. The hardest part of making this dining table was most definitely manoeuvring it around the factory.

Here is a video of what the crew at the factory had to do to plane the top down after lamination. Three people can be seen planing, however 5 were required sometimes to move it around our factory for various other tasks prior to completion.

(disclaimer: the video is not of the best quality, but it does provide a perspective on the size of the table prior to the circular cutting as well)


All things considered, it was a great project to work on. Definitely a challenge, but an interesting design and most importantly a very happy client!

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