Kangaroo Point Villa - Tasmanian Blackwood Dining and Bar Set

by ambrosefurniture Admin on June 26, 2019

This small order was completed in late 2016 with several bar stools then added in 2017 and finally couple of extra dining chairs just recently. The design was intended to be modern and our clients fell in love with both the Cobar dining table's clean-lined features and our immensely popular Tasmanian Blackwood feature grade timber.

The chairs chosen to match the Cobar dining table were our Woody dining chairs, with the fully upholstered base. Our clients liked the idea of the fabric flowing through to the back of the chair and over the seat frame, particularly for the bar stools which are always positioned to be only seen from behind.

The Barstools that followed the dining table were in the matching Woody style with the same natural fabric that compliments the Ceaserstone kitchen colouring. Fabric for this order was all sourced from Warwick fabrics.

Some of the finer details of the order that were considered in the design process were the Woody dining chair's chair frame overall height. They position perfectly with both the dining table and the Kitchen bench to just pop-up over the top of the tables. This gives the opportunity to show them off while maintaining relative conservatism and keeping the dining table as the centrepiece - which was definitely the goal of this order.

In summary, this was a great small project to work on that really came together perfectly. If you'd like to view more pictures from this order, they are in the gallery just below.

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