New Farm Residence - Tasmanian Blackwood Living and Dining

by ambrosefurniture Admin on June 26, 2019

In July of this year (2017) a couple of lovely clients entered our showroom in search of some modern furniture for their new Apartment on Moray street, overlooking the city. The items required were an entertainment unit and a small dining set with the potential to be a bigger dining set.

Upon entering our showroom, our clients fell in love with Tasmanian Blackwood. The order culminated in the commission of an entertainment wall unit, an extension dining table not unlike our Copenhagen extension dining table ( and a set of 4 Cobar dining chairs to match the table with a contrasting white fabric

The dining set was quite simple. Our clients saw the Copenhagen extension dining table in our showroom and saw that the size was perfect for where it was to be situation, however, stylistically, it was a little too softened down. We had to come up with a design that was more modern and solid looking. To do this, we straigtened the tapered legs and also squared off the edging on the copenhagen table that is traditionally rounded. This offered a more solid looking dining table that also had a more contemporary feel, maintaining the theme within the apartment. For the chairs, we matched the colour of the dining table and contrasted the dark Tasmanian Blackwood grain and colouration with a much lighter lineny style fabric from Warwick. This helped tie the feature timber into the rest of the lightly themed apartment.

For the most part, designing and manufacturing the dining set was relatively simple. The entertainment unit, however, presented a little bit more of a challenge. It would be worth prefacing this segment of the blog entry by saying access was definitely a concern when this furniture package was designed. The elevator was quite small and the apartment itself was on a higher floor. All of the furniture, including the dining table, with exception of the dining chairs had to be manufactured in componentry and assembled on site. The extension dining table was simple enough to be a one man job, and was commissioned ahead of the rest of the furniture at the client's request as they did not have a dining table in their new apartment.. having just moved from interstate. Back to the entertainment unit. It was built in a componentry set of around 10 pieces. These ten pieces were assembled from the plinth base right up to the overhead cupboards.

In total, the entertainment unit included 4 cupboards with 2 adjustable shelves, a floating Tasmanian Blackwood feature shelf to the right of the TV cavity, 3 drawers and 1 drop down door on the left of the entertainment unit that included two cutouts that fit directly over the protuding power sockets which was a great concept for cable management. This drop down door compartment also had a hole to the right of it that fed directly into the centre of the entertainment unit base for the wires in the AV units to connect easily to the power sockets.

This unit unit was quite similar to another wall unit we completed just recently, over at Bardon. ( All in all, while the job itself had a few ups and downs with regard to access and organising a fit for the power socket, it was a fantastic project to work on and the end result looks phenomenal.

Below are a few renders and schematics that were used throughout the designing process of this job: